Prowler Association

BUNOs, losses, dispositions



Pre-Production   (5)
156478-156482 (P-1 to P-5)   


Standard (Basic)    (23)
158029-158040 (P-6 to P-17), 158540-158547 (P-18 to 25), 158649-158651 (P-26 to 28)


EXCAP   (25)
158799-158817 (P-29 to P-47), 159582-159587 (P-48 to P-53).


ICAP    (45)
159907-159912 (P-54 to P-59), 160432-160437 (P-60 to P-65), 160609 (P-66), 160704-160709 (P-67 to 72), 160786-160791 (P-73 to P-78), 161115-161120 (P-79 to P-84), 161242-161247 (P-85 to P-90), 161347-161352 (P-91 to P-96), 161774-161775 (P-97, P-98). 


ICAP II   (35)
161776-161779 (P-99 to P-102), 161880-161885 (P-103 to P-108), 162223-162230 (P-109 to P-116), 162934-162939 (P-117 to P-122), 163030-163035 (P-123 to P-133)


ICAPII Block 86   (36)
163049 (P-134), 163395-153406 (P-135 to P-146), 163520-163531 (P-147 to P-158), 163884-163892 (P-159 to P-167), 164401-164402 (P-168, P-169)


ICAP II Block 89   (1)
164403 (P-170)


As Built         170



One modified to ICAP II



Survivors modified to ICAP and ICAP II



Survivors modified to ICAP II and ICAP III



Survivors modified to ICAP II and ICAP III



Some modified to ICAP III

ICAP II block 86


Some modified to ICAP III

ICAP II block 89





1.    - Three A-6 Intruder airframes were modified into EA-6Bs by Grumman for early test work. Two were aerodynamic testbeds (as "M-1 " and "M-2 "), the third (referred to as the "Electronic Test Article ") was used as a non-flying ground-test subject.

2. - Five pre-production aircraft were delivered from 1968 to 1970 to support the initial test program. P-1 (156478) was the first "from the keel up " EA-6B built. Although not intended for fleet duty, one (P-4, 156481) would be rebuilt as an ICAP II in 1987 due to a shortage of airframes in the fleet. 

3.    - The first true EA-6B (P-1) was delivered on 8 April 1968. The last one, P-170, was turned over to the Navy on 15 Nov 1991. 

4.    - Three airframes were modified for the ADVCAP test program from 1989. 156482, 158542, 158547 conducted airframe and system tests until ADVCAP was canceled about 1992.  The three were subsequently combined to build a deployable Block 89A ICAP II using 158542's BuNo as the legendary "Frankenprowler ", which was released in 2004.  

5.    - 32 ICAP II aircraft were modified into ICAP III with the first one turned over to the fleet in March 2005.

EA-6B Losses 1971 to 2015

Date unitBuNo where crew
30 Mar 1971NATC 156480Pax River 1 Ejected*Spin Tests
16 Nov 1971VAQ-131158038Edmonton AB 4 Ejected Starter Valve failure
13 Jan 1975 VAQ-137158812CVN-653 Ejected, 1 killed off night cat shot
25 Jun 1975 VAQ-134158814CV-59 4 Ejected**mid-air with A-6
11 Aug 1976VAQ-129158545Whidbey3 Ejected engine fire
11 Nov 1977VAQ-137158809CV-663 Ejected shut down engines
30 Jul 1978VAQ-133158803CV-673 Ejected departed flight
28 Sep 1978VAQ-137158817CV-612 killed, 1 Ejectoff night cat shot
28 Nov 1979VAQ-135158541CV-634 Killedlost off ship
16 Dec 1979VAQ-134158037CVN-681 killed, 3 ejectbingoed to closed field
26 Feb 1980VAQ-129158031Whidbey3 killedcrashed in pattern
20 May 1980 VAQ-137158799Olympic Pen 3 ejected Stalled at altitude
26 May 1981 VMAQ-2159910CVN-683 killed*** crashed on nt landing
23 Jul 1981VAQ-133158813CV-663 ejected Soft cat shot
25 Jul 1981VAQ-130161117CV-594 ejected Engine failure
19 Aug 1981VAQ-138158806nr Forks WA 3 ejected control failure
29 Oct 1981 VAQ-138159582Oceana VA 3 Killedlost orientation
22 Jan 1982 VAQ-136160708Philippines 4 Ejected Aft end fire
13 May 1982 VAQ-129158546Fallon range 3 Ejected Departed flight
30 Jul 1982VAQ-131161246CV-62 Med 1 Killed, 3 ejectspeared CDP on lndg.
28 Dec 1982VAQ-129158808Coupeville3 Killeddeparted flight
28 Apr 1983 VMAQ-2160705Bogue NC3 ejected, 1 OK ran off runway
25 Aug 1983VMAQ-2160704off NC 4 ejected fire
10 Jul 1984VAQ-135158651CV-661 killed, 3 ejectsoft Cat Shot
25 Oct 1984 VAQ-139161351CV-644 ejected arresting gear malf.
13 Dec 1984VAQ-129161777Sequim WA4 ejected engine fire
7 Apr 1986VAQ-136160789off Japan 3 ejected engine fire
27 Jun 1986 NARF 158543off San Fran3 ejected aft end fire
13 Jul 1986VAQ-133161778CVN-654 ejected control failure
14 Apr 1987 VAQ-131162223CV-613 ejected departed flight
19 Nov 1987VAQ-136162226CV-414 killedlost at night
5 Dec 1988VAQ-139163044CV-644 killed lost at night
24 Jul 1989VAQ-129160790North Is CA 2 killed, 1 ejectcrashed on take off
31 Dec 1990VAQ-141163405CVN-714 ejected arresting gear failed
19 Mar 1992VAQ-139162229Oly Peninsula 4 ejected departed flight
3 Nov 1992 VAQ-129161776El Centro CA 3 killeddeparted flight
17 Jun 1993 VMAQ-2162937off NC 3 ejected fire
8 Mar 1994 VMAQ-3161247Bogue NC3 ejected bird strike
29 Jun 1994 VAQ-141163529Fallon NV 4 ejected crashed on landing
24 Feb 1996VAQ-135163531CVN-722 killed, 2 ejectpossible GLOC
23 Aug 1996VMAQ-1160435Yuma 4 killedhit ground on low level
29 Apr 1998 VAQ-142162225Saudi Arabia 4 ejected aft end fire
8 Nov 1998 VAQ-130 163885CVN-654 killedcrashed on landing
14 Nov 2001VAQ-129160787Olympic 3 ejected engine fire
21 Nov 2001VMAQ-1164403off No Car4 ejected engine fire
11 Feb 2003VAQ-129161116CVN-743 ejected rolled off flight deck
27 Aug 2003VAQ-135158800Persian Gulf 4 ejected engine fire
7 Sep 2003VAQ-141159586Norfolk4 OKcrashed on landing
2 Mar 2005 VAQ-135162224NE Oregon 4 ejected engine fire
12 Feb 2008VAQ-136161115off Guam 4 ejected engine fire
11 Mar 2013VAQ-129158815cent. WA 3 killedhit ground on low level

Every loss has its own story. Only the immediate cause of mishap is listed; space, proprietary issues and respect for the individuals involved do not allow a full description here.
170 EA-6Bs were built; as of mid-2016 51 have been lost in Class A mishaps, or 30% of production, which is not an unusually high percentage for military aircraft considering the Prowler’s length of service.
No EA-6B has ever been lost in combat.
Crews’ fates are listed as Killed (with or without attempted ejection), ejected (successfully) or as “OK”, indicating they survived impact and egressed on the ground.
Names of those aircrew lost can be found on the “In Memorium” page.

*Test Pilot only one onboard.
** Two A-6 crew killed in collision (VA-85).
*** Eleven additional men killed on flight deck due to fire.

CDP: Cross-deck pendent (arresting wire)
GLOC: G-induced loss of consciousness
NATC: Naval Air Test Center NARF: Naval Air Rework Facility, Alameda.
CV-41 USS Midway, CV-59USS Forrestal,CV-61USS Ranger, CV-62USS Independence,CV-64 USS Constellation,CVN-65 USS Enterprise,CV-66 USS America, CV-67 USS John F. Kennedy, CVN-68 USS Nimitz,CVN-71 USS Theodore Roosevelt, CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN-74 USS John C. Stennis