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While there is certainly (and sadly) no counterpart to "Top Gun" for the Prowler, the internet has plenty of videos to see on the mighty EA-6B. Here's a selection of some of the better. The appearance of the "GoPro" on the scene has also led to some very talented productions being made by squadrons of their deployments. Several of them are offered here.


The Job of the Prowler C.1979 13:43
Classic "old" Grumman promotional film on the Prowler.

Prowler on the VR-1355 2010 9:21
Go-Pro ride on the VR-1355 low level route.

Banshee HARM Shoot C.2007 3:07
VMAQ-1 produced still and video of a HARM launch with hard rock background music.

VMAQ-4 in Afghanistan 2011 8:19
Marine video of the Sea Hawk's line division working in Afghanistan.

Marine Prowlers in Flight: All four VMAQs 2016 3:10

EA-6B Delivery to the Pacific Coast Air Museum 2015 5:32



VAQ-133 2011 4:53

VAQ-136 2005 5:44

VAQ-139 2009 4:44

VAQ-140 2006 3:50


Defensive Counter Measures 1962 27:07
No Prowlers, but a declassified Navy training film on airborne DECM in strike aircraft.

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