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Prowler Bibliography

There are actually very few books available on the EA-6B and most were written with aviation enthusiasts or plastic model builders in mind- not that that’s a bad thing, mind you, but few really capture the people in the community. Several of the early efforts combined the Prowler with its Intruder predecessor and very few cover operational details.

First Person

Baldwin Sherman, Iron Claw. A Navy Carrier Pilot’s War Experience. New York, William Morrow Books, 1996. Hardbound, 265 pages.
                A fascinating look at how a Prowler squadron operates at war from the eyes of a nugget Junior Officer. In this case author Baldwin joined VAQ-136 just prior to Desert Storm and flew off the Midway during the conflict.

Bushby, John M. Prowler Ball, A Yankee Station Sea Story.Self-published, 2013. Softbound, 264 pages.
                A unique piece of work, ostensibly fiction, but based on his 1972-73 cruise with VAQ-131 onboard Enterprise on what was the Prowler’s second deployment. It paints a remarkably candid picture of a squadron in combat, warts and all as well as a very earthy description of Subic Bay and neighboring Olongapo.

Rodrick, Stephen; The Magical Stranger, A Son’s Journey Into His Father’s Life.  New York, Harper Books, 2013.  Hardbound,
Written by the son of CDR Pete Rodrick, the VAQ-135 CO killed in a 1979 EA-6B mishap off Kitty Hawk. The work details the author’s long attempt to come to terms with his father’s loss and the effects on his life. Also covered, very frankly, is his close relationship with the command in his father’s old squadron in the 2008-2010 time frame.

Price, Alfred:  History of United States Electronic Warfare. Association of Old Crows.
Vol I: World War II; Hardbound, 310 pages (1984)
Vol II: 1946 to 1964: Hardbound, 389 pages. (1989)
Vol III: 1964 to 2000: Hardbound, 607 pages. (2000)
                Written by English Electronic Warfare expert Dr. Alfred Price for the Old Crows and probably the single most important books ever published on the subject. Three volumes cover the origins, development and operational use of EW through WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm for all services.

Whitten, H. Wayne:  Silent Heroes; U.S. Marines and Airborne Electronic Attack, 1950-2012. Banner Publishing, Homewood AL; 2011.  Hardbound, 310 pages.
                Excellent work by a retired Colonel and ECMO on the subject, covering Marine electronic attack from props to jets, including Vietnam, Desert Storm and beyond.

Aviation Enthusiast and Modeling

Wogstad, James and Friddell, Phillip;  Grumman EA-6B Prowler & EA-6A Intruder;  Aerophile Extra Number 2; San Antonio, Aerophile Inc 1985. Softcover, 72 pages.
                Although dated now, Aerophile’s 1985 effort was the best book available on the EA-6B for many years.

Jenkins, Dennis R. Grumman EA-6A Intruder Grumman EA-6B Prowler; Aerofax Minigraph 7, Aerofax Inc, Arlington TX; 1989. Softcover, 58 pages.
                Excellent effort, Loaded with detail and markings information; lots of pictures, most in black & white.
Kinzey, Bert; EA-6B Prowler in Detail & Scale; Milwaukee, Kalmbach Books, 1994. Softcover, 72 pages.
                Number 46 in Mr. Kinzey’s long-running “Detail & Scale” series and another nice piece of work. Like the previous two monographs it primarily focuses on providing photos and information for scale model builders for both the EA-6A and EA-6B. There’s a useful summary of plastic models available for both types at the rear and also contains a nice piece by Prowler NFO Fred Drummond discussing flying the aircraft and comparing it to the USAF EF-111A, which he also flew.

Maxwell, Thomas, Grandfather's Journal. Westbow Press, 2014, Hardbound and Paperback, 140 pages. (
            An interesting book written by a former A-3 and EA-6B Naval aviator at the request of his grandson.  The book details his 27-year Naval career exploits from Vietnam through the transition of the VAQ-135 Black Ravens from A-3's to the EA-6B Prowler. It also addresses his thirty plus years conducting volunteer ministry in the prison systems.