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EA-6B Squadron Organization

Like any high-performance operation, a squadron is only as good as its people. The Navy and Marines differed slightly in how they organized their EA-6B squadrons but the intent was the same. Each service had an O-5 (Navy Commander or Marine Lieutenant Colonel) as the Commanding Officer. This could be a Naval Aviator or Naval Flight Officer. An Executive Officer acted as his "number two". The entire Ready Room was typically made up of about 26 total commissioned officers; six pilots and 18 NFOs, with non-flying Maintenance and Intelligence Officers rounding out the group. Senior enlisted personnel, either Chief Petty Officers (CPOs) or Gunnery Sergeants provided a strong core of leadership in the shops and offices. The bulk of the squadron could be found in the Maintenance Department; being the men and women who worked long hours on the flight line and carrier deck to keep the aircraft flying safety and ready for combat.